Woman’s old Photoshop fails have left her in stitches as she reveals blurred chin

Growing up, many of us will have experimented with trends that make us cringe when we look back.

From the infamous “foundation lips” to invisible eyebrows and wearing jeans under dresses, mistakes have been made.

One woman who jokes she has definitely experienced this feeling shared an old photo of herself from when she used to hide her face under a giant fringe and blur out her chin.

Natalia Georgis, 22, shared the Photoshop fail in her video which seems to show a cropped group selfie taken at school.

The block fringe has been a very popular style and it is flattering on many face shapes and it might even come back in the future – but the blurred chin has probably had its moment.

Woman's old Photoshop fails have left her in stitches as she blurs her chin
The picture has given many people a good giggle

In the on-screen caption, she wrote: “When I got a block fringe and blurred out my double chins thinking it hid them.”

The clip was watched more than 700,000 times and people in the comments said they were howling but also feeling guilty for finding it so funny.

One user confessed: “I wheezed so hard I needed my inhaler.”

Another person told her: “I’m happy to know I wasn’t the only one blurring stuff out like that.”

The picture also had her laughing
The picture also had Natalia laughing

“Please I’m so sorry for laughing but nothing could have prepared me for that,” wrote a third.

A fourth user joked: “Refusing to believe this is real for my own sanity.”

“I literally cursed out loud when I saw the pic… I’m so sorry,” commented another person.

Someone else cheekily quipped: “Claudia Winkleman looks a bit different here.”

Natalia has shared her 12-stone weight journey on her @nataliageorgis TikTok channel where she shows her meal plans and information about how she achieved the impressive milestone.

She also makes candid videos about her excess skin removal surgeries and viewers have called her “inspirational”.

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