W Series: Which is the best movie franchise of all time? Fast and Furious or James Bond, here’s the top result

Over the years, Hollywood has seen some of the biggest successes come out of franchise films. Some film franchises have gotten so big and impactful that audiences have come to form a close relationship with their characters and find it exciting to go on new journeys with them as each new part of a film series releases. While some are based on literary characters and novels, there also other genres of franchise films with genre of action that have become popular.

When it comes to finding out whether there is one film franchise that truly remains the best of all time, we posed the question to Google. After searching for the best franchise movie of all time, the top result that appears in the search engine happens to be the Fast and the Furious franchise. The film series kicked off in 2001 and remains relevant to this day and is all set to conclude next year with Fast X, the tenth film in the franchise. Starring Vin Diesel along with Paul Walker, the franchise has continued to carry on after the latter’s tragic death in 2013. 

In the search result, the second film franchise that pops up after Fast and Furious happens to be one of the biggest spy genre film series, the James Bond films. The character of James Bond has been portrayed by several actors over the years and each one has contributed their unique style to it. The last Bond film to release in theatres was No Time To Die starring Daniel Craig as the 007 agent. It marked the actor’s final outing as the British spy after reprising the role for five films. 

Check out Google’s response here:

Best movie franchise

Also making it to the third and fourth position in the top search are Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the Harry Potter films, both of which have been massively popular and boast of a global fan base. 

Which film franchise according to you is the best of all time? Share your views with Pinkvilla in the comments below. 

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