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With borders open and summer in full swing, many mainlanders are braving rising COVID-19 case numbers to finally take some long-awaited trips around The Apple Isle. Two such travellers are physiotherapist Tammy Wells and her partner Jeremy Grunfeld, both of whom hail from Sydney but have spent the last week road tripping around Tasmania. READ MORE: Firearm discharged overnight in Launceston area Like many similar ventures currently taking place around the state, the couple’s trip has been a long time coming. “We were meant to be coming to Tassie around Christmas 2020 but that got cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak,” Mr Grunfeld said. In fact, the couple have had eight separate trips cancelled over the past 18 months, including a planned six-month stint in South America, a trip to a friend’s wedding in Israel, and a holiday in New Zealand. READ MORE: Face masks for students under consideration before school year starts Even with borders now open, hopping across the Bass Strait proved more difficult than the two had initially foreseen. “We had to go to seven different sites in Sydney because the lines were so long for the testing clinics – but once we got a test it all went smoothly,” he said. With two negative test results in hand, the pair flew into Hobart and rented a campervan for their long-awaited two-week sojourn. When asked why Tasmania was the place the couple chose to take their first trip since the pandemic struck, Mr Grunfeld said that a short trip to the state a few years ago had left him hungry to see more. “We’ve come here for festivals before but now we really want to explore more of the North-West as well as the Tarkine,” he said. Likewise, Ms Wells said she was ready to give the state “a good go”. And the pair don’t appear to be the only tourists finally making long-awaited trips across state lines. READ MORE: Whistleblower’s fight for compensation continues three decades later “Every second vehicle we see is a campervan and the campgrounds are really full,” Ms Wells added. In fact, when the pair stopped by a Launceston coffee shop, they were surprised to find themselves flanked with other travellers stopping over in the city. “We were having a bite to eat in the city and both tables either side of us were other travellers from Victoria,” Mr Grunfeld said. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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