Top signs you’re turning into your parents – including nodding off on the sofa

Half of adults believe they are morphing into their own mum or dad – with the average age for this transformation being 32-and-a-half years old

One in four parents have a moment during an argument where they realise their own parents were right all along
One in four parents have a moment during an argument where they realise their own parents were right all along

Researchers have identified the top 20 signs you are turning into your parents, such as nodding off on the sofa, repeating the same jokes – and saving old boxes and bags, “just in case”.

A quirky poll of 2,000 adults found half believe they are morphing into their own mum or dad – which happens, on average, at 32-and-a-half years of age.

Other signs one is turning into the person that raised them include the realisation you now dress for comfort instead of style, and relying on your kids for tech support.

While almost one in four (24 percent) were met with the dawning realisation that during arguments in their own younger years, their parents were actually right all along.

Falling asleep on the sofa is among the top signs you’re turning into your parents


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Louise Care, for research agency OnePoll, which carried out the study, said: “We learn how to be parents from our own parents – who else?

“So, it’s no surprise to find many adults consider themselves mini-versions of their own mums and dads, at some point down the line.

“It’s interesting that many of the signs that you’re becoming a parent are very personal things – that all parents seem to do.”

The study also found just under a quarter (23 percent) of adults polled find themselves using the same phrases as their parents, including “You’re not going out dressed like that!”

But women are slightly more likely to report transforming into their parent than men – 50 percent compared to 47 percent.

And 84 percent believe it was only after having kids of their own, that they realised how much their behaviour had started to mirror their own mum or dad.

Of those who believe they are going down that path, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) don’t mind this destiny.

But 42 percent have actively tried not to become their parent – even if, for 79 percent, it is eventually inevitable.

And many parents find themselves telling their kids off in the same way their parents told them off


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Another four in ten believe starting to turn into a parent made them feel closer to them – and a cheeky 84 percent of those in relationships will wind up their partner by claiming they are becoming just like their mum or dad.

Of the respondents with children, two-thirds have been mocked and had their mannerisms imitated by their offspring.

And for those with children who have reached adulthood, nearly one in three (31 percent) believe they’ve noticed their kids starting to turn into them – the same way they had with their own parents.

Louise Care, from OnePoll, added: “The circle of life goes on and attributes, mannerisms are passed down through generations.

“So, something funny your mum or dad did – that you find yourself doing today – may have been joked about by family members hundreds of years ago.

“It’s strange to think about, but may explain why so many want to pass down positive attributes to their kids.”


  1. You dress for comfort, not fashion
  2. You start to realise that most of the time, your parents were right all along
  3. You think that all modern music is terrible
  4. Falling asleep on the sofa
  5. You use the same phrases, like: “You’re not going out like that”
  6. You save all old boxes, tins and bags, “just in case”
  7. You tell your kids off in the same way
  8. You rely on your kids for tech support
  9. You get obsessed with weather reports
  10. You’re constantly nagging
  11. You get your first grey hairs
  12. You pick the same arguments they did
  13. You get past the age they were when they had you
  14. Telling the same joked again and again
  15. You tell your kids off by using their full name
  16. Regularly using the phrase “Go ask your mum/dad”
  17. When you leave the bathroom in the morning, you realise it now has “a smell” you recognise from your own childhood
  18. Your kids mock your fashion sense
  19. You have the same driving habits
  20. You look in the mirror one day and realise you look like them

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