Teen denied bail over ex-bikie shooting

A teen alleged to have been instrumental in the shooting of former Mongols bike Sam Abdulrahim has been denied bail.

Baby-faced 18-year-old Yasir Al Qassim is charged with the attempted murder of Mr Abdulrahim who was shot five times in the upper body on June 25 this year.

It’s not alleged Al Qassim was one of the two offenders in the car that followed Mr Abdulrahim from a burial in Fawkner shortly before the shooting, but that he was instrumental in its planning.

A car pulled on to the wrong side of the road while the former bikie was stopped in traffic and seven shots were fired into his driver side door.

Those people, identified only as offender one and offender two, tried to flee in the stolen car but crashed into another car and a fire hydrant.

Offender one carjacked another car at gunpoint and fled, while offender two hid in a bin behind a KCF before running away.

Al Qassim is alleged to have driven the two offenders to the stolen car used in the shooting, of meeting up with them afterwards and helping offender one access a passport.

Both offenders one and two fled overseas in the days after the shooting.

Al Qassim was charged in late August. Prosecutors said evidence against him included his DNA on a bullet cartridge found at the scene.

Magistrate Donna Bakos found there were many and significant reasons that amounted to exceptional circumstances for releasing Al Qassim on bail.

During the bail application last week Al Qassim’s barrister Adam Chernok had given the magistrate a photo of the teen, who he described as “baby-faced” and likely vulnerable in adult prison.

“You can already hear the wolves circling from here,” he said.

Ms Bakos found his young age and lack of prior offending counted strongly in Al Qassim’s favour in the bail application, but there were no conditions that could mitigate the real and significant risks to the community if he was released.

Prosecutor Glenn Mohammed said there were serious concerns Al Qassim was a flight risk.

“The risk is very real. It can be done – we know this because two people involved in this offending have already done it,” he said.

Mr Chernok had argued Al Qassim could live with his parents, or one of two brothers. One brother offered Al Qassim a job while another volunteered a $100,000 surety.

But Ms Bakos said she wasn’t satisfied that any of those things were sufficient to address concerns.

Al Qassim will remain in custody.

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