Taiwanese TV channel airs false report of Chinese invasion

Taipei: A television news channel in Taiwan has apologised after erroneously reporting that China had launched an invasion just outside the capital Taipei, triggering alarm online.

Taipei-based Chinese Television Systems, a TV network partially owned by the Taiwanese government, ran a ticker along the bottom of the screen at 7am, Taipei time, on Wednesday saying that China had attacked several areas of New Taipei City.

“New Taipei City has been hit by a Chinese Communist guided missile. Ships in Taipei Port have exploded, damaging facilities,” the graphic read. “Banqiao Station is reported to have been set on fire by explosives placed by special forces.”

China often flies military planes like this PLA J-16 fighter jet towards Taiwan, but there has been no invasion.

China often flies military planes like this PLA J-16 fighter jet towards Taiwan, but there has been no invasion.Credit:Taiwanese Defence/AP

The station issued an on-air apology a few hours later, explaining that the chyron had been produced for a New Taipei City Fire Department disaster-prevention video and broadcast due to a production error. CTS later announced an investigation into what it called “gross negligence”, pledging in a text message to severely punish any staff found to be responsible.

The Ministry of National Defence had asked municipal governments to include the Chinese invasion scenario in a video as part of an annual drill, Fire Department Commissioner Huang De-ching said by phone.

“This is for the drill of national defence mobilisation and disaster prevention,” Huang said. “The Defence Department asked us to include the scenario of a China attack. So we have that scripted in the start of the video.”


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fed speculation about the risk that China may similarly make good on its long-held threat to take control of Taiwan by force, if peaceful means fail. While there are no sign of an imminent invasion, particularly as Chinese President Xi Jinping appears focused on a pivotal party leadership reshuffle later this year, Taipei has faced increasing military, diplomatic and economic pressure from Beijing in recent years.

Last year, the People’s Liberation Army more than doubled its flights into Taiwan’s air-defence identification zone to almost 1000 sorties. China has also regularly blasted Taiwan for strengthening ties with the US.

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