Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate and Meghan back together; Funeral confirmed for September 19; Prince William pens emotional tribute to Queen; Charles proclaimed King in historic ceremonies

David Leakey, whose former role as the usher of the black rod in the House of Lords gave him plenty of exposure to affairs of state, has shared some pretty stunning predictions about the Queen’s funeral.

He says there’ll likely be enormous queues for people to see the Queen’s coffin as it lies in state before moving to Westminster Abbey for the service itself.

“How many people I wouldn’t have a guess,” he tells the BBC.

“We have a pretty good idea because we did tests and trials of how long it takes to walk past the coffin, how many people you can get in at one time, from previous lying in states.

“Let me say it will be well over tens of thousands, well over tens of thousands. More than 200,000.”

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