Prince Andrew says Virginia Giuffre case must be scrapped as she lives in Australia

New York: Prince Andrew says a US lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault may need to be thrown out because the alleged victim probably lives in Australia.

In a filing on Tuesday (Wednesday) in Manhattan federal court, Andrew said a finding that Virginia Giuffre lived in Australia would remove the court’s jurisdiction over the case. He asked US District Judge Lewis Kaplan to force Giuffre to answer questions about her residency under oath.

Giuffre sued Andrew in New York in August, claiming he sexually abused her on multiple occasions when she was 17, after Jeffrey Epstein “lent” her out to the British royal and other powerful men. Andrew has denied her allegations.

Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations that he abused Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations that he abused Virginia Giuffre. Credit:AP

In Tuesday’s filing, Andrew said recently discovered evidence shows that Giuffre has lived in Australia for all but two of the last 19 years, despite claiming in her suit that she was a resident of Colorado. Giuffre hasn’t lived in Colorado since at least 2019, Andrew said, and had an Australian driver’s licence and lived in a $1.9 million Perth home with her family when she filed the suit.

Her mother’s address

“It appears that prior to filing this action, but well after she returned to Australia, Ms Giuffre registered to vote for the first time in Colorado using her mother’s home address in Penrose,” Andrew said. “The timing of Ms Giuffre’s voter registration is suspicious and appears to be a calculated move in an effort to support her specious claim of citizenship in Colorado despite having moved to Australia at least a year (if not four years) earlier.”

Giuffre’s lawyers didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the filing.


Giuffre has said she was recruited by Epstein and his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell as a teenager and subject to years of abuse. Though she did not testify at Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial, prosecutors described Giuffre to the jury as another victim, and one of the accusers who took the stand said Maxwell asked Giuffre to “show her what to do” in Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida, massage room.

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