Naagin 6, 30th July 2022, Written Update: Rishab realises his mistake

In today’s episode, Mehek wonders why Shakti kept saying that he wanted to go to Deepika’s  wedding, and assumes that maybe according to him Pratha is Deepika. Rishab goes to Pratha and apologises by saying that he lost his love and couldn’t understand it properly. She asks him what he is saying. Rajesh comes and takes Pratha away and she wonders why did he apologise. After the sangeet, Pratha goes to get ready for the marriage. Shakti goes to her room and Pratha thinks that it’s Rishab and asks him what is he doing. Shakti tells her that she is his one true love and tries to get close. 

Pratha says that he can’t be Rishab and asks him who’s he. Urvashi comes and Mehek comes to her true form and tells that she took Pratha’s avatar as she knew Shakti was coming. They take Shakti out. Pratha gets ready and comes out and Rishab looks at her and gets stunned. Mehek and Urvashi hand over Shakti to the Inspector. Gauri sees them and thinks that she should tell the truth to Pratha that Rishabh is innocent as it was all Mehek and Urvashi’s plan. Mehek sees Gauri and bites her. 

Rishab looks at Pratha and thinks that he lost his love thinking she was wrong and thinks that he made a mistake. Pratha thinks that he won’t let Rishab get away and wonders why didn’t Gauri come. Later, Rishab goes to the room that has caught fire thinking that Pratha’s picture is there. Pratha and Rajesh’s marriage ritual starts. Then, Pratha finds Gauri and asks who did this to her. The fire brigade comes and gets Rishab’s body out.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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