‘My sister-in-law walked in on me naked – now she wants me to apologise’

A man and his wife were busy trying for a baby at home. As he nipped downstairs in the buff, he had no clue that his sister-in-law had let herself in unannounced

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A woman is demanding an apology after being made to “feel uncomfortable” (Stock Photo)

A man has been left in a very awkward predicament after his sister-in-law walked into his home unannounced – catching him without a stitch on.

The sister-in-law is now furious at him, branding him a “weirdo” for walking around his house in the nude, and is now demanding an apology for “making her feel uncomfortable”.

However, the man and his wife don’t think an apology is really necessary, given that she showed up at their house with “zero warning”.

The couple had been busy upstairs at the time, trying for a baby during the wife’s peak fertility window.

He nipped downstairs to grab them a snack, and didn’t think to pop clothes on first, naturally assuming they were alone in the house.

The man and his wife had been preoccupied at the time, and didn’t hear her come in (Stock Photo)


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The sister-in-law, who is 29 years old, has keys to their home temporarily as they’re allowing her to store some equipment in their garage.

She only ever goes over to their house on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will sometimes need to use the bathroom or grab something from inside.

However, they will usually get a text beforehand, letting them know when she’s on her way.

That day, the man and his wife, both 28, were blissfully unaware that she had plans to stop by, being busy upstairs in the bedroom.

He only realised she was there when he nipped downstairs to bring some food back to bed, surprising her by being fully in the nude.

Taking to Reddit, he recalled: “It was awkward. I covered myself then she went back to the garage. Then I went back upstairs to put something on.

“My wife and I confronted her downstairs. She starts yelling at me, ‘why the heck am I walking around naked’ and I said it’s because this is my house.

“She didn’t even tell us she was coming over. My sister-in-law was acting like it was my fault, then she gives me attitude, saying, “well aren’t you gonna apologise’?”

Given that he sees nothing wrong with walking around his own home naked when believing he was alone with his wife, the poster – who goes by the username u/caught_in_bdaysuit – doesn’t think he needs to apologise.

Unfortunately, his sister-in-law refuses to drop the matter, accusing him of “making her uncomfortable having to see a naked man without her consent”.

The poster feels like the “whole thing is being blown out of proportion”, and a number of his fellow Reddit users agree.

One person wrote: “Your body is not a shameful or ‘bad’ thing, it is literally your body. You were in your own home with the expectation that the only other person who would see you was your wife.

“Let your sister-in-law know that whilst you do not apologize, you agree that this needs to be prevented in the future and so you need that key back.”

Another advised: “Tell her she can return the key and find another place to store her stuff, so she won’t need to worry about a repeat.”

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