Mum fuming as teacher confiscates daughter’s phone for week – and uses it as her own

A mum has gone viral online after claiming that her daughter’s teacher confiscated her phone for a week, broke the screen and appears to have tried to use it with her own Apple ID

Teacher standing over teen, who is on her phone
She was using her phone in class (stock photo)

When it comes to school, teachers have the right to discipline children appropriately if they misbehave in class.

As part of this, they might often confiscate items causing problems – like mobile phones.

However, they usually have to return these at the end of the day before the pupils go home.

But one parent has claimed her child’s teacher took her phone and didn’t give it back for an entire week.

To make matters worse, when they finally did get the phone back, the mum says the screen was broken – and it appeared the teacher had been using the device.

The phone screen was broken (stock photo)


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Turning to Reddit, the woman explained all: “My spouse and I have a child that we’ll call Hannah (15f). Last week I picked Hannah up and she said that one of her teachers, we’ll call her Ms. K, took her phone for looking at it during class. I told her she needed to keep her phone in her pocket during class, then Hannah tells that Ms. K still hasn’t returned it.

“Every day after Hannah tells me she asked for it back and Ms. K refuses. On Thursday I sent her an email asking when we can expect the phone back and that I would like her to have it for when she works this weekend. No reply.

“A whole week of this passes. Today, Hannah gets in my car and tells me she asked and Ms. K didn’t even answer. She just ignored her. I lost my patience and went into the school. I found Ms. K standing outside her classroom and told her it was time she give me the phone back.”

She continues to say that the teacher told her Hannah needs to stop using her phone in class – and the parent agrees.

However, things got a bit heated after this.

“I made a scene, students and teachers alike were staring, but she relented and said she would get the phone out of her office and came back with it about three minutes later,” she continues.

“I feel like an idiot for not checking the phone when she handed it to me. I didn’t give Hannah back her phone from my purse until she was done with her assignments for today and a couple minutes after she comes back to me in a panic. Two things were wrong. One, the screen was cracked and it wasn’t before. Two, she had to re-log into her apple ID which we thought was odd. She then looked at her account settings and saw a second apple ID, with Ms. K’s full name and avatar.

“We think she may have merged the data or something too because there are contacts we don’t recognize on the phone. I lost it, told Hannah she can’t use the phone for now because I’m worried if Ms. K has access to anything on her end, and sent an email to her demanding an explanation. There has not been a reply.”

The mum adds that she’s now considering reporting the teacher to a school administrator and making her pay for the screen repair.

However, her husband it will cause more problems for their daughter – and it’s possible the teacher mistook the phone for her own.

More than 700 people replied to the post, sharing their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: “REPORT THIS. The teacher took the phone for a week. Damaged it and HAD THE AUDACITY TO LOG THEMSELVES IN IT AS IF THEY OWNED IT. And they even refused to hand it to you initially.”

Another responded: “After a week, the teacher would have had to charge it, as well. This was no accident.”

A third added: “I have taught in several districts. Confiscated personal items, especially phones, were taken to the office as soon as possible. Most likely the teacher was not following school/district rules by holding onto the phone.”

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