Mum covered in tattoos shows how she looked before – and all she sees is pain

A mum on a mission with her husband to be 100% covered in tattoos has revealed how she looked with mostly ink-free skin.

Carine Owens got her first tattoo aged 14 and since then she has “lost count” on the number she’s added to her face alone.

But she has now shared photos with Daily Star demonstrating how different she was before her striking transformation.

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The 36-year-old told Daily Star: “Without the tattoos I see a fresh-faced girl who is dealing with a lot of trauma.

“I wouldn’t go back to that person. I am very happy with who I am now and my tattoos have made me who I am today.

“I’m pretty proud of that person, I’ve been through a lot and looking back on old photos all I see really is pain.”

Carine wants to keep adding to her body art

And speaking of pain, Carine also opened up about the most agonising tattoo sessions she has endured.

She currently has 65% of her skin covered but on one occasion she had to beg the artist holding the needle to stop.

“Oh my gosh I have so many painful ones,” she laughed.

“I think for me the worst was my stomach. I have a big tiger on my upper stomach and it was so painful that I almost threw up all over the girl who was tattooing me.

“I couldn’t even finish. I had to do it in two sessions. It felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the belly.

“It was an absolutely dreadful time.”

Carine before she was heavily tattooed

She now wants to be covered in ink

But she added: “The pain endured is a right of passage and you know anyone covered has really gone though a lot of pain and sacrifice to get there.”

Her husband Terry, 41, is a former professional skateboarder with 90% of his skin tattooed and he answered the same question.

He said: “The worst was near my butthole.

“I was doing a whole back piece that went down my back and close to the hole and it was really the most tender spot ever.”

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She gave birth to her son earlier this year

Carine and Terry have the words ‘never apart’ tattooed on their eyelids

Carine and Terry, who recently had a baby girl together, married just weeks after matching on Tinder.

They live in California and both now have the words “never apart” on their eyelids.

Carine, an artist and painter, also has the number 20 on her face in honour of the date she married Terry.

She gave birth to their son in April and already has inklings dedicated to her boy.

The stunning brunette is now a walking work of art and last week she spoke about how her and her partner’s tattoos are perceived.

Carine said: “Out in public we get mostly positive reactions and we actually get complimented and stared at a lot.

“But we are nicely dressed and we are always courteous and polite. People don’t get bad vibes from us and they seem to love our artwork.”

She is now striving to be 100% covered in tattoos within the next two years.


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