Monster 23ft sinkhole opens up in UK street and swallows up motorbike rider

A shocked Kent bloke described the moment a giant sinkhole opened up in front of a biker who tried – unsuccessfully – to jump the obstacle.

Mike Stevens lives close to Martens Avenue, in Bexleyheath, where the sinkhole appeared. He was on his way home when he saw the huge pit open up.

“When I turned into the road I thought ‘what the hell?’” Mike said.

“Thankfully I stopped and parked up. Whilst I was doing this a motorcycle whizzes past.

“Obviously he didn’t see the hole. He tried to jump it but the bike ended up in the hole. The guy then ran away.”

The biker unsuccessfully tried to leap the chasm
The biker unsuccessfully tried to leap the chasm

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Another local, 38-year-old Mark Joynes, told Kent Live: “About 9pm I heard a massive crash bang and looked out the window and there was a massive hole in the road.

“It was completely out of the blue. I had driven over it just a couple of hours ago so thankfully no one was hurt.

“Doesn’t look like anything bad happened to anybody but given there is a massive hole in the road it’s a pretty big shock.”

He added: “Essentially I think for most people everyone was just curious to know how it happened. None of us really know how this could have happened.”

The hole in Martens Avenue, Crayford is huge
The hole in Martens Avenue, Crayford is huge

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, described the commotion outside as emergency services arrived.

She said: “It was about 9pm and there were loads of flashing lights through the window, that is all I know.

“I thought there had been an accident but it was then I saw the road. After that I came back in doors.”

Bexley council and Thames Water are investigating to establish the cause of the collapse.

The giant hole has been coned off for safety
The giant hole has been coned off for safety

John Ferry, a spokesman for Bexley council, said: “We were alerted by the emergency services just after 9pm last night after a large sinkhole appeared.

“The hole is about 7m x 7m and 4m deep. It extends across the full width of the carriageway up to the pavements on either side.

“There appears to be no damage to nearby homes, although they are affected by loss of access and some services.

He added: “We have fenced the area off and the road is closed to through traffic.

“We will continue to be involved to ensure the safety of the site and its repair.

“This is likely to take some time due to the nature of the soil, depth of the hole, and the need for specialist equipment.”


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