Man ‘laughed his head off’ over care package wife put together for his vasectomy

Lauren Munro decided to put a hilarious care hamper together, complete with snacks and amusing tags, to prepare her nervous husband for his upcoming vasectomy surgery

Saul was nervous about the op

Going under the knife can be nerve-wracking and emotional support is always welcomed by those preparing for it.

However, binman Saul Munro got more than he bargained for when his wife decided to put a pre-vasectomy ‘care’ package together.

Lauren Munro wanted to avoid having another child after the couple had their second in January 2022, so Saul agreed to get the snip.

In her viral video, which has had over 700,000 views, the mum-of-two took to TikTok to share herself packing the £25 basket with treats and small gifts using her ‘twisted sense of humour’.

Yet, this was no ordinary care package, as she added tongue-in-cheek notes and hilarious puns to each of the items.

Saul agreed to get the snip


Kennedy News/@laur_mun)

The care package went viral


Kennedy News/@laur_mun)

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She began by adding a pack of ‘cheesy balls’ crisps and some ginger nut biscuits, before taking a DIY approach with the gifts.

Using card labels and a pen, she renamed popular items with apt phrases such as ‘vasectomy Club’, ‘Time Out on sex’ and ‘no more nuts’, while the ‘Jelly’ on Jelly Babies was covered with a firm ‘NO’.

Other amusing gifts included a water pistol labelled with ‘shooting blanks’, a touching ‘Thanks for not Flake ing out’ and creme eggs wrapped in a label saying ‘No more fertilised’.

Viewers were just as entertained by the idea, with a user saying: “I wish I’d have done this for my man. This is awesome.”

The care package gave everyone a good laugh


Kennedy News/@laur_mun)

Saul with his wife Lauren and their kids Rosemary and Theodore


Kennedy News/@laur_mun)

Another wrote: “Omg love!!! This is a fabulous idea”.

Lauren, who posts under the username @laur_mun said: “We love a good pun in this house. I had so much fun making it and it was worth every penny.

“I wanted to show appreciation but have fun with it too. I did put some pain killers in there and snacks he really likes.”

The pair had discussed their options to avoid having another child. She explained: “It was ultimately his choice to get it done, so he did decide. He was apprehensive and reluctant at first, but he understood my point of view too.

“He was scared of the date arriving, and I’d seen gifts people had been giving to their parents for having it done. I thought of some ideas to correlate with some funny puns.

“I got some of the things I planned, like nuts, then found the mini water pistol and Time out on sex, because obviously he can’t for a while. I got a real haul.”

Lauren even topped the hamper off with a card, saying: “My favourite part was the condolence card. I drew some sperm shapes on it and put ‘to Sauly No-balls’ in it.”

She filmed a video of her husband reacting to the basket.

Thankfully, 28-year-old Saul took the joke well and is now recovering from the operation.

He added: “I thought it was brilliant and laughed my head off. Particularly the card. It did the trick and calmed me down. I’m a sucker for puns and dark humour. I’m glad she did it.”

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