Former Kamala Harris Staffer Posts Images Taken Inside Office During Capitol Attack

Kamala Harris’s former communications director and senior adviser Chris Harris reposted photos showing furniture barricading the then-senator’s office doors during the insurrection on January 6, as the Vice President described the events in a speech. Vice President Harris said during her speech on the anniversary of the US Capitol attack: “I was here, at the Capitol, that morning, at a classified hearing with fellow members of the senate intelligence committee. Hours later, the gates of the capitol were breached. I had left, but my thoughts immediately turned not only to my colleagues, but to my staff, who had been forced to seek refuge in our office, converting filing cabinets into barricades.” These images, posted on Twitter by former Harris staffer Chris Harris six months after the attack, and reposted January 6, 2022, show a table, coatrack, and filing cabinets braced against doors on January 6, 2021. “January 6 turned out to be the last time I staffed then-senator Kamala Harris at the Capitol. It was also the first – and hopefully last – time my work required me to MacGyver a table and coatrack to jam a door shut to buy time in case we had to escape a mob,” he wrote. Credit: Chris Harris via Storyful

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