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Elizabeth Banks has a message for all of us while she’s on her European vacation this summer — don’t stress about your bikini figure. That may seem like an easy thing to say, but she’s making a powerful point that if we are constantly obsessing about our bodies, we are missing out on all of the other adventures we could be enjoying.

The 48-year-old actress shared a snapshot from her holiday in Greece which showed her joyfully running by the ocean. Banks wore a blue bikini that flaunted off her gorgeous curves, but it was the text above her head that she wanted her followers to pay attention to. “I decoded cheese, wine, and chocolate were more important on this trip than a flat tummy,” she wrote. She’s absolutely right about that — don’t prevent yourself from eating all of the delicious food on vacation — just savor the moment.

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Banks has been openly talking about knocking down the beauty standards society thinks we should live up to. It’s affected her mental health over the years — and she’s trying to put a stop to it for everyone. “If existing gracefully in my body is hard for me, then anybody who doesn’t fit the standard has it way worse,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “On my best days, I don’t think about what I look like at all, but the truth is, I’m fighting new bullies constantly eroding my self-confidence; my job, the internet, social media, advertising, fashion, cupcakes, not to mention struggles with fertility and aging and, at the very top, the patriarchy in general, which places value on every body. But luckily, I’m not fighting alone.”

So if you have a vacation planned in the next few weeks, eat that cheesy appetizer, order dessert, and then go frolic on the beach in your bathing suit the next day. You will be glad you did.

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