EastEnders spoilers: Fans gutted as Ash quits Walford after mum Suki sleeps with her ex Peter

In an episode of EastEnders, things heat up for the mother-daughter duo, Ash [Guarline Kaur Garcha] and mum, Suki [Balvinder Sopal], after an explosive row has Ash walking out.

This week, Ash was involved in a horrific ordeal when she, Ben [Max Bowden], Callum [Tony Clay], Stacey [Lacey Turner] and Eve [Heather Peace] was attacked by Neil and his vicious gang.

As the drama unfolded, Suki and Honey [Emma Barton] both arrived at the hospital – Honey had taken the opportunity to talk to Suki about whether she had any emotional or sexual feelings for women.

In the scenes, Suki confirmed that she had feelings for Honey and after insisted she wasn’t gay, before furiously storming out.

In anger, Suki that evening had then slept with her daughter’s ex, Peter [Dayle Hudson].

Ben, Callum, Ash
Ash, Ben, Callum, Stacey, and Eve was attacked by Neil and his vicious gang.

In the shop, Ash was once again hurt by her mum’s comments towards her sexuality.

After spending the night together, Peter arrived back at Suki’s, claiming he had left his watch behind.

In perfect timing, Suki’s children, son, Kheerat [Jaz Deol] and her daughter, Ash arrived home and realised her mum had slept with Ash’s ex, Peter – a frustrated Ash was very unimpressed with her mum’s actions.

Sitting down to talk with her mum, Ash waited for her proud mum to apologise for her actions, but she never did.

After the tense mother-daughter scenes, a hurt Ash proceeded with shockingly announcing to Vinny and Kheerat that she would be leaving Albert Square.

Ash quits Walford after mum Suki sleeps with Peter

Wearing her LGBTQ+ pride on her sleeve, Ash had her rainbow badge hooked onto her coat and continued to say her farewells to her proud mum, Suki, patiently waiting to see if she would get any kind of apology.

To no surprise, Ash received nothing from her mum and left the square.

Ash was waiting to see if her mum Suki would apologise, but it never came

Is this the last we’ve seen of Ash?

EastEnders fans will just have to wait and see whether things will work out for Ash and her mum.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One

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