Doctors in Bihar remove glass tumbler from patient’s colon, describe the cause as ‘mystery’

Doctors in Bihar came across a strange case yesterday. A 55-year-old man, suffering from acute constipation and abdominal pain, was operated upon by a team of doctors who found a glass tumbler inside his colon. Doctors are reportedly still wondering as to how the object made its way into the patient’s alimentary canal.

According to a report in PTI, Dr. Mahmudul Hasan, who headed the team of surgeons had shared video footage of the surgery and the X-ray taken before the operation and said how the glass tumbler ended up inside, is at present a mystery. On asking the patient, he reportedly said that he swallowed the tumbler while having tea. However, the doctors did not feel it to be a convincing explanation as the food pipe of a human being is too narrow. 

As per the reports, the doctor said initially an attempt was made to pull the glass out of the rectum through an endoscopic procedure, however, that did not work out. And thus the medical team had to cut open his abdomen and extract the tumbler after making an incision in his intestinal wall. The doctor added that the patient’s colon is expected to heal within the next few months. Currently, the patient is stable, and according to the doctors, recovery is likely to be time-taking after the surgery

Though the cause is yet unknown, the doctor went on to present a possible explanation. “Our understanding of the human anatomy says there is only one way the glass tumbler could have ended up where it was. It was shoved into his body through the anal opening. But digging deeper into the facts may bring out sordid details that the patient might not be willing to share. We, as doctors, are duty-bound to protect his privacy,” said Hasan.

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