Dear Oppa: An Indian fan is IMPRESSED by Gong Yoo’s ‘off-screen’ persona & the ‘thoughts’ that he believes in

Gong Yoo in The Silent Sea; making it his drama comeback, proved to us yet again as to why he’s such a bonafide Hallyu star. Moreover, even a short yet memorable cameo in Squid Game made him a trending topic and fans couldn’t get enough of his evil avatar. Gong Yoo has always brought something new to the acting table with each project he undertakes and you can’t help but be enamoured by all of his characters; whether it be the flamboyant Choi Han Kyul from Coffee Prince or the cherished Goblin from Goblin.

Today’s heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sanjukta from India to Gong Yoo. Read her letter below:

Dearest Oppa Gong Yoo,

I am a die-hard fan of you from India. I live in a small city, Kolkata. I watched lots of K-dramas and movies. You are an outstanding performing actor.

I just love your character on-screen like Coffee Prince, Goblin, Squad Game, The Silent Sea, Finding Mr. Destiny and also off-screen. I am very much impressed by your thoughts that you believe in. I was quite surprised when I found out that your Birthday is the same as mine. Some of your habits match my habits.

I am writing this letter in this editorial page because I know you are far away from us. I can’t reach you. Still, I believe in a miracle that You will come to India in Kolkata and I will get a chance to meet my dream man Gong Yoo as a normal person that I like most.
Please Gong Yoo came to India after this crisis period. Waiting for you ……

Thanks & Regards
From Kolkata

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