Coronation Street fans call out Sarah Barlow for same reason as they request Adam change

Sarah Barlow has had Coronation Street fans making the same comment after latest scenes.

The Underworld boss and husband have been driving viewers a little bit nuts with their constant arguing and disagreements.

The couple’s relationship appeared to be moving forward when they decided to try for a baby of their own.

But the arrival of Lydia Chambers has put that into jeopardy after Sarah discovered she and Adam once had a fling.

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Sarah’s latest gripe with Adam was that he had contributed to Lydia losing her job as PA to Underworld clients Gavin.

Earlier this week, Adam wrongly accused newcomer Lydia of keying his car and, after a confrontation in the Rovers, she continued to drink and was sacked when she arrived for Sarah and Gavin’s meeting drunk.

Lydia involvement, however, was soon cleared up by Weatherfield’s cop, Craig Tinker, who confirmed a disgruntled man from his recent court case win was behind it.

Fast forward to Wednesday night’s double trip to Weatherfield, Sarah was still giving Adam a hard time.

Lydia’s got a new job in Weatherfield

But he tried to make amends and put in a good word for Lydia with Carla Connor, which worked as she’s now the factory boss’ PA.

Later, Sarah made a trip to the Bistro where she told brother Nick Tilsley that she was just in for some pasta – again – as she had a ‘child-free hour’.

Corrie viewers, however, were quick to call out the mum-of-two for the same reason.

@ElaineWharton1 tweeted: “‘I’m child free for an hour’ You’re always child free Sarah #Corrie.”

“Sarah is always child free she might as well not be Harry’s mother #Corrie,” @RyanGTweetsTV said.

Sarah headed to the Bistro

@Princess_bettii commented: “How Sarah tells nick she has a “child free hour” in the bistro……she has not seen her kid since Christmas #Corrie.”

“‘I’m childfree for a hour’ Really Sarah? When is she ever anything but seriously? #Corrie,” @GrianneDoherty1 added.

Last month, fans were left stunned when Sarah gave her son, Harry, a rare mention.

But aside from Sarah, there was also a request to soap bosses about hubby Adam.

@SalomeRoxanne shared: “I’ve never seen Adam off #Corrie with his coat off. What’s up with that @itvcorrie.”

Adam was having to deal with the graffiti

“Dear @itvcorrie – for the love of God, please put Adam barlow in a pair of joggies or something. It’s nighttime and he’s cleaning window graffiti in a suit #corrie,” @Nicola_Topper tweeted.

The comments came after Adam was seen having to scrub graffiti off of his and Imran’s office window.

“Barlow is scum,” had been scrawled across the window in red paint, which Adam again put down to his latest court case.

“Hey, who did this?” Sarah said to which Adam replied: “Oh, it’s obviously the same idiot who keyed my car! He’s obsessed, he won’t accept that he’s lost!”

Corrie fans, however, think the culprit may be closer to home.

“Who thinks Sarah is keying Adams car and writing graffiti on his window #Corrie,” @DawnLeane tweeted.

@deanobeanos added: “It’s probably Sarah doing all this #Corrie.”

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