Bigg Boss 15, 7th January 2022, Written Update: Rakhi Sawant disturbs everyone’s sleep

In today’s episode, the next debate between Abhijeet and Shamita Shetty takes place on the topic, ‘weakness’. Bigg Boss asks who is the winner and the VIPs tell Shamita won the round. Karan tries to talk to Tejasswi but she asks him to leave her alone. Rashami tells Karan that Tejasswi doesn’t appreciate him. Next round, Tejasswi and Shamita debate over ‘laziness’. During the argument, Shamita says Tejasswi is being insecure of her. Even in this round, Shamita wins. Bigg Boss tells Shamita, Tejasswi and Abhijeet are the winners and they win the finale ticket. 

Shamita asks Karan what is Tejasswi’s problem with her. Tejasswi cries and tells Nishant that she finally won the ticket and made it to the finale. Karan hugs her and congratulates her. Tejasswi says he doesn’t look happy. Rashami tells Karan that Tejasswi is arrogant. Rakhi cries and tells Shamita she’s scared if Ritesh won’t talk to her. Shamita consoles her and says if Ritesh loves her then he will stay. Karan and Tejasswi argue about relationship ethics. Rashami tells Tejasswi that she shouldn’t disrespect people and not call herself a friend. 

Next morning, Abhijeet tells he’s upset because Devoleena didn’t congratulate him. Tejasswi reads the next task where the contestants are required to guess whose secrets are being read out. After the task, Devoleena congratulates Abhijeet for winning the finale ticket. Tejasswi tells Karan that Umar is against her and always looks at her like a competitor. Around midnight, Abhijeet suggests the VIP’s disturb others’ sleep. Rakhi bangs the utensils and everyone wakes up. Rakhi tells Karan to not disturb everyone by talking to Tejasswi all night. Karan tells he won’t and asks her to go back to sleep.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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