Anzac Dawn services held across the country; Dutton’s dire warning; Macron wins re-election

Major General John Boswell, Chief of Army delivered the Call to Remembrance on behalf of the New Zealand Defence Force.

“At this time, 107 years ago, in ships that covered the ocean off this tiny bay, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders were preparing to land on this rugged coast,” he told those gathered in the cove.

“For all but a few, this was to be their first experience of the horrors of combat. Most were convinced that as one New Zealand soldier wrote in his diary: ‘It will be the greatest days in our lives’.”

The first Commemorative Address was then given by his Excellency Myles Armitage, the Australian ambassador to the Republic of Turkey.

“While the nature and focus of our remembrance of Anzac has changed over the intervening decades, our respect endures for those who fought here,” he said.

“The men who landed at Arabuna on 25 April faced a daunting prospect. Sergeant Hubert Maher of the 3rd Battalion wrote that the country was precipitous, the heat tropical, and weighed down ‘with our kit, the pace was a killer’.”

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