Actors who underwent massive body transformations

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Actors who underwent massive body transformations

Actors who underwent massive body transformations

A lot goes into a body transformation. It requires dedication, discipline and resilience. Our Bollywood actors and their passion has often fuelled a lot of their projects – body transformation being one a lot of times. Often to fit the specifics of a role, the stars need to undergo physical transformation. However, remember one thing – every body is beautiful and unique. What might suit a person in a movie might often not suit a person in real life. Movies stars’ job is to bring a character to life in those 3-odd hours and our job is to take it with a pinch of salt and return back to it. Nonetheless, the actors immense dedication and hard work is always a source of inspiration. Many actors have undergone transformations. Be it Aamir Khan’s ‘father role’ in Dangal where he had to put on a lot of kg’s or Sara’s
fitness journey before entering the industry, each transformation has its own story. Here are some of the actors, their physical transformations and the story behind them. Oh and a reminder? You are perfect the way you are. 🙂

Photo Credit : Sara Ali Khan Instagram

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