‘A DNA test proved my adopted son is husband’s love child’

A woman shocked social media users this week after revealing she adopted a child only to find out he was her husband’s biological son.

The anonymous woman shared the jaw-dropping tale on Reddit and explained that the baby was conceived during an extra-marital affair.

The mum-of-five, aged 41, always wanted a large family, but a health issue meant that she had to stop having children after her fourth.

She had three daughters and a son, but was unhappy stopping there.

She and her husband, Dave, discussed adoption, but he was stationed away from home so they decided to wait until he was back.

But, while overseas, Dave, 48, suggested they consider international adoption – and his wife eventually agreed.

She did a DNA test on her adopted son
She did a DNA test on her adopted son

Dave handled all the paperwork and the couple welcomed a baby boy, named Kalen, to the family.

But, not everything was as it seemed.

The mum wrote: “I am smitten with this child. As he grew – he’s seven now – family members and friends would comment that he looked so much like the other children that they couldn’t tell he was adopted.

“I’ve even joked that he did and my husband would always laugh this off”.

But, while moving some documents into a new safe, the wife noticed something off about the adoption papers and decided to have a DNA test done.

Sure enough, it showed that Dave was Kalen’s father.

She thought it was suspicious how the child looked like his siblings
She thought it was suspicious how the child looked like his siblings

She said: “I love this kid with everything in me. To know my husband cheated and then passed off Kalen as some random kid we adopted makes me sick.

“Dave begged for forgiveness saying the woman didn’t want the child, but he did so he used adoption to claim his son.

“I will stay in Kalen’s life because I’m his mum but I can’t stand looking at Dave knowing he betrayed me and lied.

“I filed for divorce”.

Now, the woman says she’s unsure how to tell her children and some of her family have even said she is “selfish” for the split.

But, Reddit users mostly agreed that she did the right thing, reports the Mirror.

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One person noted: “This was no ordinary lie, this was, like, the Mount Everest of deception.

“There is no way in Hell’s half-acre that this was the only time.

“It may be the worst, but it is certainly not the first.”

While another added: “Your husband broke his marital vows in a number of ways, then did his damndest to deny you of any agency when dealing with his choices. The lack of respect is unforgivable.

“There’s no coming back from that and anyone who mewls otherwise is someone who does not have your best interests in mind”

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